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‘Genii’ is the plural version of ‘genie,’ the mythical being with roots in pre-Islamic Arabian mythology and theology, as many would remember. Naturally, the most well-known genie is the one who, after being stroked by Aladdin, gives him three wishes. However, the creator of Genii software is not involved in making wishes come true. When it comes down to it, the development team’s years of experience are all about making excellent online slots and casinos.

Genii’s Backstory

Although the Genii brand and its employees are relatively obscure to the general public, they have been around since the 1990s. Together, these businesspeople have over 20 years of expertise in the software industry and have used it to produce a number of successful, innovative video games on the web.



Regrettably, little information is available regarding the exact time the company first started offering these particular services. However, we do know that it runs on a custom platform created in collaboration between Microgaming’s Fusion-is and the Dell name. This has been an extremely useful asset for Genii.


The company has been operating for many years, acquiring licenses in several jurisdictions along the way and setting up shop in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Malta, and Vietnam. The company not only develops online slot machines, but also supplies the sector with operational and customer relationship management tools. The company’s primary concentration when it comes to game releases has been on developing and distributing online video slots. Since then, many virtual gambling establishments have opted to install Genii software in their lobby areas.

The State of Genii Today and Tomorrow


Genii appears to be maintaining its monthly schedule of releasing a brand-new online slot game. Since the creator first began making this kind of stuff available, this has been the norm.


However, Jingle Bell Jackpots, its final release, was released in December of 2021. It would appear that the month of January 2022 was overlooked when planning for video games. According to the website, however, the company has roughly 130 titles, including patented content and blockbuster games, in its portfolio. Genii is likely to keep releasing fresh online material for reputable gambling sites as time goes on.


Professional game designers and developers

Plenty of Slot Machines Available Online

Accredited by a number of prestigious regulatory bodies

Certainly not a household name.

Casinos Online Like a Genie Overview

Several virtual gambling establishments now offer the Genii library of games. Considering that several of these sites are as sizable as major European online casinos, it’s clear that Genii’s games have reached a wide audience. There are various games in the brand, and you can play them if you visit the sites and use the lobbies.


However, players who seek out more intimate-feeling gambling venues can still enjoy Genii’s creations, as several smaller casino sites also use Genii’s software.


If you’re seeking for a casino that offers table games, you won’t find anything developed by Genii because they exclusively work with slot machine games. Therefore, anyone who enjoys online slot games will have a fantastic time at a casino offering games from this developer. The variety of themes, extra features, layouts, and other customization options available in its games makes them a great addition to any virtual casino lobby. Players benefit greatly from having access to a wide variety of online games.


Casino Genii Promotional Offers

Every day, it is our duty to scour the Internet for the best online casino bonuses, and this includes any specials that might be offered at Genii casino sites. We want to make sure you have access to the best casino bonuses available because of how much they may improve your time spent gambling.


The most recent bonus deals available at Genii Casino will always be promoted here. The benefits will range from deposit bonuses to payback on losses to free spins on slot machines and beyond. If you’d like to receive a welcome bonus, here are the simple things to take:


Sign up with a top-rated Genii gambling site.

On the Cashier page, you can select your chosen mode of payment.

Put in your initial deposit amount and the promo code if you have one.

After you finish your purchase, the additional money will be applied to your account.

Review of Genii Casinos: Our Opinions


Several casinos’ lobbies are some of our favorites since they use Genii software. Although this developer’s software does contribute to the product’s overall attractiveness, this is not the only reason for its popularity. Online casinos that use Genii software and provide access to the developer’s games are likely to offer a top-notch experience to its customers. The company isn’t widely recognized, and it’s possible that some players of the games have enjoyed them without realizing they came from this developer. We’re glad to see major gambling sites use the Genii suite of games.


Introduction to Genii Slots

There are more than a hundred games in Genii’s library, the most majority of them are electronic slot machines. Games like Horn of Plenty, Perfect Date, Pieces of Eight, and 7 Chakras are in this category. Enjoy each game’s stunning visuals and engaging animations as you delve deeply into its unique storyline, which is presented to you in full detail. There is a wide variety of expected return percentages (RTP) for these games.


The Return to Player (RTP) rate of Age of Spartans is 90.6%, while the RTP rate of Dollars Down Under is 97.67%.


Rising Sun, Reelin’ & Rockin’, Peek Physique, and Legends of Greece were the company’s initial online slot games. Looking at such games, it’s obvious they were made in an earlier era because they lack the cutting-edge visuals and gameplay found in Genii’s more recent offerings. In addition, you can enjoy some great extras while you spin the reels in the more current games from this company.


And some of these will be discussed in greater detail down here.

What We Think about the Genii Slots


It’s undeniable that this developer’s slots, in all their variety, add something special to the market. You can rest assured that your time spent playing Genii slot games will be completely amusing, as they have recently added some outstanding visuals and cutting-edge unique features to enjoy. Try out a variety of games from this provider, as there is bound to be at least one that you enjoy.


The majority of the games have moderate volatility, making them suitable for players of varying skill levels.


Genii’s Reliability

Many of the Genii brand’s earliest games were released in the 2011–2012 time frame, thus the company has been operating for a while. And if it’s been around for a decade, it’s safe to assume that consumers can put a lot of faith and dependability in the name.


Additionally, the company is in possession of a valid gambling license. This further bolsters the case that Genii is a genuine and reliable business.


It is also important to take note of the company’s game auditing method. Before every new slot is made available at an online casino, it must first pass a formal and impartial audit. This guarantees that the games are fair because they employ genuine RNGs that provide truly random results for every spin.

Should You Play at Genii Resorts’ Slot Machines?


Absolutely! While Genii isn’t as well-known as some other developers, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out their games. To the contrary. Instead, you can find these titles in the lobby of some of the biggest casino names because they are standard fare. If you can’t, then using this page to find the top Genii casinos is a sure bet. And typically, being a part of them is a breeze. Why not check out the suggestions and then create an account at a Genii casino of your own accord?


FAQs from the Magician Genii

How about playing Genii slot machines for free?


The games by this developer are available for free play. Before risking your own money in real money mode, you may try your hand at these games with play money.


Where can I discover the best Genii casino promotions?


The top Genii casino bonuses may be found with little effort. You can always find them displayed at the very top of this website.


What are some tips for playing Genii slot machines?


There are no strategies that can influence the results of Genii slot machines. All have passed rigorous testing to ensure fairness and randomness. To get the most out of them, though, you need employ a safe gambling betting approach.

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